Our Founder

" Hello there everyone, how's it going?!

My name is Benjamin Harding, I'm 30 years old and originally from Oxfordshire, UK. 

In June 2012 I graduated from college with my business degree and was searching for what to do next with my life..

To celebrate finishing my 2 year course, I decided to book a summer working holiday with my best mate to a popular & vibrant European destination: Ayia Napa, Cyprus 

On July 11th 2012 at the age of 19,  myself and my friend Piers left the UK for our summer getaway! 

We explored, worked & partied, we socialised and had one of the best summers we've ever had in our lives.

One month away turned into 3 and before we knew it, this unbelievable summer was coming to an end! 

When I got back to the UK, I decided to apply for LOADS of different jobs across Europe and the UK to see what else was out there. 


In 2013 I got offered a job as a waterski/wakeboard instructor for an active holiday provider in Sivota, Greece. 

I spent 6 months living, working & enjoying a completely different lifestyle to anything i've ever known before, which was my first experience of long term travel. 

This massively changed my mindset on travel, health, fitness & lifestyle.

After a successful season I ended up doing back-to-back seasonal work across Europe for the next 5 years.

5 Summers across Greece, Mallorca, and Ibiza and 5 ski seasons across Bulgaria, France & Andorra.

​In 2019 I decided to move on from the seasonal life and try something completely different AGAIN, this is when I discovered the backpacking lifestyle.

I booked a one way trip to Thailand with my 3 best pals from ibiza and decided to travel South East Asia in hope to immerse ourselves within a different culture.

Once again my mindset completely opened up to how the rest of the world lives and so when I got back I decided I needed a NEW and even BIGGER challenge to set my mind to. 

After a lot of thought I decided to leave Oxfordshire, UK & begin my solo travels.. 

 To one of the furthest destinations from my home country, the almighty Australia. 

The first part of this global relocation was when I landed in Melbourne, Victoria in February 2020

After travelling solo, I began to reflect on all my past travel history of those 7+ years: 

The experience, the skills & the community knowledge

This then inspired me to invest my time into TWO PROJECTS: 

Both these decisions took place in March 2020

After I left Melbourne I went to work & travel the East Coast in 2021.

During this journey I was always building both projects behind the scenes & online.

The goal with the TWO PROJECTS was to cover BOTH basis! 

Across the East Coast I met all these beautiful human beings! 

One of the best parts about travelling is not just the wonderful places you visit, but WHO you visit those places with. 

After the East Coast, I moved to Darwin, Northern Territory. 

It was there I began to create an ONLINE COMMUNITY network where aspiring travellers across the globe could communicate and share their best travel stories, experiences, recommendations & insiights with one another. 

Where the focus was entirely on our community and our members.

From 2020 to 2022 I managed to travel, work & relocate long term across 4 different states:

Northern Territory
Western Australia

This was because I was searching for a base and a place I can call my home.. 

A place where can thrive long term, a place that ticks all my life boxes.

I now live full time in Perth, Western Australia.

This is my new home and this is where Seekr Collective is based.

A little quick fact about me is that I have an addiction for learning. It empowers me to be a better version of my previous self and once you see that progress from looking back at your past, you just want to improve more. 

Travelling & being part of communities has been my life for the last 10+ years, I'm honestly so thankful and grateful for all these wonderful new experiences, the lessons I've learned and the people Ive met!

Fast forward to 2023, I continue to invest in these TWO PROJECTS:

1. My YouTube & Spotify Podcast - Travel & Self-Development

2. Seekr Collective - Travel & Adventure

In creating these TWO, I'm able to share my decade of experience of travel, self-deveoplment and community knowledge.

Lastly, I just want to say THANK YOU to YOU for taking your time to learn about me, my story & SC | Travel & Adven​ture

I hope that in the future I get to learn about you and your story too. "

Lots of Love,

Benjamin Harding
Founder of Seekr Collective | Travel & Adventure