About Us


What are we?

Seekr Collective (SC) is a community brand based around travel & adventure. Established in 2021 by founder Benjamin Harding from his 10+ years experience in communities & long term travel.

Our instagram is a collaboration platform where you can voice your wonderful travel experiences & your best advice/tips/insights with our audience.

This helps support value creators & other aspiring travellers. 

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TWO ways to collaborate with us:

See #SeekrSpotlight on instagram for examples 


House rules & disclaimer

Who are we?

Our brand was inspired by learning about travellers experiences. 

Our brand grew by building our travel connections. 

Our brand evolved into a sharing platform for travel content creators.

Our online community beholds a mixture of people of all different nationalities from all across the world. From the UK to Australia, Wales to Canada, USA to Germany and far beyond!  

For more information on our community, see the link below

SC Travel & Adventurers

Where are we?

Seekr Collective is an Australian established brand based in Perth, WA. 

Why are we?

Seekr Collective | Travel & Adventure has become the vessel to showcase and spotlight travellers unique and memorable experiences, through our collaboration methods on instagram.

This helps give multiple unique perspectives into the travel world whilst sharing our much loved passions & interests with eachother.